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Massage Policies

Massage Therapy Policies:


Your “Right to Refuse” policy:  It is your right to refuse or ask for modification of any massage procedure before or during the massage therapy session.  If you are uncomfortable for any reason, you may ask the therapist to cease the massage and the session will end.  When signing this document you are saying:“I agree to communicate with my therapist if I am uncomfortable in any way or if I refuse any massage procedure before or during the massage session.”

Hygiene Policy:  Professional hygiene requirements are followed for each client, linen, equipment and personal hygiene of therapist.

Draping Policy:  The therapist will cover clients with sheets, towels and blankets to provide warmth, comfort and modesty.  Genital areas and female breasts are covered at all times.  Please communicate with the therapist if you are uncomfortable with the draping procedure, or if you are hot or cold.

Privacy Policy:  The therapist may call prior to your appointment and often leave messages regarding your appointment.  Your therapist will keep records of your sessions.  Clients undress and dress privately.  All client information is confidential within the confines of State Law. 

Child Policy:  All children under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the treatment room during the massage therapy session.  A history form must be filled out by or reviewed by the parent or guardian.  An informed consent must e signed by the parent or guardian. 

Breast Massage Policy:  The therapist is not trained in breast massage.  Breast massage will not be apart of the massage therapy.

Complaints:  Please feel free to discuss complaints with your therapist. 

                      Or you may call or write to the Massage Therapy Board: 

            New Mexico Massage Therapy Board 

            2550 Los Cerrillos Rd;

            Santa Fe, NM; 87505

            Phone: 505-476-4870

NM Massage Therapy Board: Overview

The Massage Therapy Board oversees the practice of individuals who use the title of massage therapists, or otherwise represent themselves to be massage therapist, registered massage therapy instructors and massage therapy schools.

Massage therapy is a health care service that treats soft body tissue for therapeutic purposes, primarily for comfort and relief of pain.  Massage therapy does not include the diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease.

The Board ensures professionals in this industry are qualified by setting educational and continued educational standards.    

For more information contact:  Massage Therapy Board; Toney Anaya Building; 2550 Cerrillos Road, Second Floor; Santa Fe, New Mexico; (505)476-4870; (505) 476- 4645-Fax; 


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